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It’s said there is no place like home, so at Lumis we want to be a home away from home for all of our students. University life can be challenging, so we want to offer you a place where you can relax, focus and feel safe. A place where you can find yourself. At Lumis Student Living Graz you will experience a welcoming environment with all the comfort, security and intimacy of your home. This is your time and we are your home.

With our experience of operating student properties in some of the most important university cities in Europe, you can now also find your perfect place to study in Graz. You will find our brand-new building south of the city center right next to the Augarten, within easy reach of the most important universities and with excellent transport connections.

Living in Graz

With almost 300,000 inhabitants, Graz is the second largest city in Austria and thus has a larger population than the entire federal state of Burgenland. But the capital of Styria is also a cultural, artistic and educational center whose charisma radiates far beyond the borders of the Alpine Republic. Tradition and modernity meet in Graz like in hardly any other central European metropolis.

A walk in the completely preserved old town feels like a journey back in time to the 19th century, climbing the famous double spiral staircase in Graz Castle gives you the impression of being in the late Middle Ages. Just a few minutes’ walk away, the sight of the futuristic architecture of the Kunsthaus or the Murinsel puts you in the postmodern era. In contrast, from the Schloßberg you have a fantastic view of the metropolitan region of Graz and, looking in all four directions, you can see how big the city actually is. In the university district, on the other hand, you can immerse yourself in party life and make friends from all over the world.
But all these different impressions harmonize and flow into each other, so that one always has the impression that everything fits together.
This is exactly what makes Graz so magical.

The historic old town, together with Eggenberg Palace, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2010, was European Capital of Culture in 2003 and a city of the Reformation since 2015. These facts alone say enough about the importance of Graz for Styria, Austria and Europe. 1.75 million tourist overnight stays alone in 2022 bear witness to this.

The metropolitan region of Graz is also the fastest growing conurbation in Austria and all forecasts point to a further increase in population in the coming years and decades.

Graz: a city to study, work and live

But Graz is not only famous historically, culturally or as a tourist hotspot. The Styrian metropolis can also be proud of itself as an educational institution (Link to H2: Universities and colleges in Graz): almost 60,000 students are enrolled at the four universities, two technical universities of applied sciences and two pedagogical universities, making the city the second largest university location in Austria – right behind Vienna. Almost every sixth resident of Graz is enrolled at a college or university!

The attractiveness of Graz is also reflected in the increasing influx of students from abroad. Courses such as environmental technology, nanotechnology and biotechnology, medical technology and aircraft construction are particularly popular at the Technical University.

Studying and working in Graz

Half of all students are enrolled in one of the six faculties at the University of Graz. The university was founded in 1585 and is therefore the second oldest in Austria.
The educational offer of Graz is supplemented by the medical university and the art university with 4,000 and 2,300 students respectively, as well as the two universities of applied sciences. 45 bachelor’s and master’s degree programs are offered at the FH Joanneum, and a total of 11 degree programs at Campus02.

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