FAQ – You ask, we answer!

Do I have to register in the new city?

Absolutely! For handing over the apartment you will receive a confirmation from us. You need this to register in your new place of residence. Please make sure, your are not in a hurry. It usually takes some time at the registration office.

Are the GEZ fees included in the ALL-IN rent? (GEZ = Gebühreneinzugszentrale)

No, GEZ fees are payable by each tenant.

Are there any additional costs? What about the operating costs / additional costs?

There are no additional costs. The operating costs are included in your all-in rent.

Can I move into the apartment before the actual rental time starts?

It depends on the departure of your previous tenant and the condition of the apartment. In any case, we strive for an early deployment. Please note that handovers are only possible on working days Monday to Friday.

How long is the contract period?

In general, the contract duration is 12 months. Please note the three months’ notice period of 3 months.
In rare, justified cases, exceptions could be possible regarding to the rental period or moving out. Please contact us directly for this.

How can I set up my apartment?

You are completely free. The apartment is furnished. And you are welcome to set up so that you feel comfortable.

I love my mattress. Can I exchange furniture, for example the bed / mattress, for my own bed or mattress?

They are not interchangeable, because these things belong to the fixed equipment and must necessarily stay in the apartment. But you can bring your own sleeping place. Upon return of the apartment, the YOUNIQ equipment must be intact and complete.

Is the kitchen equipped with crockery and cutlery?

No. You should bring your own dishes, please.

Dog, cat, mouse – how does it look?

Dog, cat and reptiles are not allowed. Small animals living in a cage are very welcome to move in. If you want to take care of animals, the local shelters are always happy to help.

Grandma misses me, is there a telephone connection?

Usualle, there is not fixed line connection. Ask your Residence Managerabout the possibilities on site, e.g. VoIP or telephone contract.

Are there washing machines and dryers?

Yes, you can completely relax and wash your clothes. All information can be found at the notice board in the Washing Lounge.

Where to find the garbage cans?

It’s different from house to another. Please contact your Residence Manager first. He / she shows you where the recycling points are located. Please do not dispose glass bottles in the household waste. Please be aware of the environment friendly disposal regarding the provided containers. The environment will thank you.

Color, color, color – I like colors! Can I hang pictures/ paint my room’s walls?

Of course you can comfortably set up, but on the condition that the apartment is returned to its original state when you move out. If not we have to charge you for the painting costs. Structural and technical changes must not be made.

Where can I lock my bicycle?

You will find enough bicycle parking spaces outside or in one of our extra bike rooms in the basement.

Finally semester break or travel abroad instead? I want to keep my apartment. Can I sublet my room?

Sublettings are generally not permitted. An exception is offered to tenants in special cases, for example, who will join an exchange program for one semester and want to return to their room after that period. Subleases must be approved by us. Please contact us for more information.

I like to have friends at my place, may they visit?

Absolutely! Friends are the salt in the soup. The most important, you are responsible for your visitors and you are being asked to be respectful towards the other YOUNIQ residents. The noise level should be kept to a minimum during the specified day and night times and the house rules must be maintained.

Do I have to register for the use of the common areas?

You can use the common areas at any time without registration.

I do not like cleaning. Is there a cleaning service?

Yes. Upon request, our YOUNIQ Residence Manager can arrange you a cleaning service.

What does YOUNIQ do in order to insure the safety of residents?

Most of our properties are secured in all areas via video cameras ‘the entrance, common areas and underground garages (if available)’. In addition, the Residence Manager is five days a week on site. Furthermore, fire alarms are installed in most buildings with a regular maintenance. That means smoking is not allowed in the entire building. However, ashtrays are installed in front of the entrances and in the outdoor areas.

I did some online shopping. Where/when do I receive my package?

For an optimal delivery of your orders your packages must be ordered on your name, apartment number and address. If you are not at home, your Residence Manager will gladly take your package. The packages can be picked up only during the Residence Manager’s working hours, according to the information in the showcase or by appointment. To get your package, you need to bring the notification card from the delivery person. There is no acceptance of packages addressed to the Residence Manager office.

OMG: I’ve just broken something.

Don’t worry, something like this happens. Please contact our Residence Manager. Your insurance should take care of the damage.

I can’t access into the internet/ my internet is not working, what should I do?

Please contact your Residence Manager first. He/she is not available? Then contact our emergency hotline under +49 (800) 722 40 20.

When/ where can I find my YOUNIQ Residence Manager?

If you have questions or problems, your YOUNIQ Residence Manager will be available on site. Just look at the tenant information in the lobby. If you do not find anyone, then our Residence Manager is helping another tenant, please write him/her an email.

Panic!? Who do I contact?

Stay calm and call our emergency phone number and only in case of an emergency under:
Tel.: +49 (800) 722 40 20
Caution: Please only call them if help is urgently needed, for example if there is a fire, the heating fails or there is water damage!
There are other emergency numbers in the Austrian YOUNIQ properties, such as the PKE on-call number; you can find these on the notices and in your Welcome Guide.

I have to clarify something with you, to whom can I contact by post?

Thank you for your writing to:

Nordstraße 17-21
D – 04105 Leipzig

I plan my move. What do I have to do?

Please send us your cancellation in written form with the original signature to our headquarter in Leipzig or hand it over to the office of your Residence Manager. Sende uns Deine Kündigung bitte in Schriftform mit Original-Unterschrift an unser Headquarter in Leipzig oder gib sie im Büro Deines Residence Managers ab. When planning your rental agreement, please note that you have a statutory notice period of 3 months and that you can only cancel at the end of the month. You will receive a cancellation confirmation.
Our address in Leipzig:
Nordstraße 17-21
D – 04105 Leipzig

Can I also move out before the expiration of my notice period?

We strive to meet your request, but we have to check each case separately. In case of success then 360.00 EUR fee will be due and you are released from the rental contract when the new tenant moves in. Please contact your Residence Manager – we will definitely find a solution together.

Will I get a rent debit certificate from you?

Yes, we will issue you a certificate for your new landlord. Please contact your Property Manager in headquarter in Leipzig.

When do I usually get my deposit back?

If your apartment was inspected free of defects when you moved out, you will get your deposit back as soon as possible, in the event of problems after a maximum of 6 months.


Do you have any further questions about YOUNIQ or would you like to get in touch?

Just contact us, we are happy to be there for you: