Have a cosy, stylish apartment the YOUNIQ way – everyone wants to live here. Perfectly equipped with furniture and kitchenettes, YOUNIQ apartments offer an inviting feel-good atmosphere from the very first moment. Innovative space-saving solutions and well thought-out floor plans are the basis for contemporary and sustainable living. YOUNIQ Living with its mixture of community, privacy and convenience offers you plenty of room for your personal growth.

Who we are

YOUNIQ has been one of the pioneers of modern urban living in numerous large cities in Germany and Europe for more than 10 years.

Our residents have felt completely comfortable in our buildings. Initially intended as an attractive alternative to conventional student dormitories, the group of our tenants has steadily expanded. Not only students, but also young professionals are welcome in our houses. Our tenants are international with a need for community and exchange and individuality.

Our basic approach, which is lived and embodied in all YONUIQ objects, is: live in a community and develop freely as an individual. Community spaces for learning together, getting to know each other, parties and free time on the one hand. And on the other hand, your own four walls as a private place of retreat – of course always equipped with your own kitchen and bathroom.

Our living concepts are constantly evolving, modern demands of urban life are implemented both in our existing houses and in new buildings. Our community spaces are adapted to the needs of our tenants and have their own flair – whether learning lounges, fitness rooms, communal kitchens or gaming lounges.


All-inclusive rent, fully furnished, community spaces, personal contacts on site and international roommates form the basis of YOUNIQ.
All of our houses are always located in the city center or in the very close to the major universities or campuses and have excellent public transport connections. And on site, our team is always there for you during office hours with advice and action – be it for caretaker services or receiving your online orders.
And the YOUNIQ family is getting bigger: in 2022 and 2023, three more buildings will be added in Spain (Barcelona and Salamanca) and in Poland (Krakow).

Become a part of the growing YOUNIQ community too!

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Private is private – and that is a good thing. We make sure that primarily our tenants and their guests have access to their buildings. Depending on the property, there are different forms of access control, so we guarantee a safe and comfortable atmosphere of well-being from the common areas to the corridors and individual apartments. By the way, in our student-exclusive houses (Sevilla and Bayreuth), students and trainees stay among themselves, but our residence manager are also trained accordingly and keep a watchful eye on “your” house and “your” community!

Everything fine…


Tap dripping? Just tell the residence manager and your problem will be solved in no time. Our additional services make living really easy and comfortable. The water, gas and electricity meter reader comes and you don’t feel like taking time off every time? You do not need to with us! Because with the all-inclusive rent all additional costs are included – no meter reader will come. In addition, you always have a complete overview of the living costs and there are no unpleasant surprises!